Wednesday, July 04, 2007


i have a large collections of mp3s and video clips collected heavily from end of December 2006 till now. from various artistes and genre. whether those that i like and love to listen to or those requested by friends and colleagues.

initially those songs and video clips are just to sooth my aching heart. but now i feels like i am drunk with all the songs. and am thinking mebbe i should cast them aside at the moment. too much consuming myself with them could harm myself also. orang pantai timur cakap .."lagho..".

at the moment am back to listen to my fundamental old favourite songs from Graveworm and Within Temptation. and the following two numbers are currently the most being played thru my car's player over & over at full blast especially when am driving all alone ..


*Take my hand as I wonder through
all my life I gave to you
Take my hand as I wander through
all my love I gave to you*

The Promises

*On behalf of her love
She no longer sleeps
Life had no longer meaning
Nothing to make her stay
She sold her soul away

I held you tight to me
You slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed*

* excerpt of the lyrics


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