Monday, October 22, 2007

Mari Bersukan.

yep yep hooray! raikonen won the Brazilian GP and world championship beating McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso! just as i hoped for. a good slap in the face for McLaren for being too arrogant and too over confident. and to say they have not benefited from the stolen confidential data from Ferrari was just a political sexcuses which marred their reputation as an established F1 team.
kudos to Ferrari! at last the kid brought in by Sauber Petronas into F1 circus make it good this time.
on rugby world cup, south africa beat the english for the cup. sorry guys, i have never interested to see the springboks play but for the final i have to support them cause the english play a boring game. solely depend on the scrum and lottery shot at penalty or drop goal? its truly bored! too bad the all black and the australian unexpectedly can't make into the final. we were denied for a beautiful game!
Rossi again became the runner up for motoGP world championship. losing to stoner of ducati. i have to say rossi's yamaha clearly lack of speed compared to honda and ducati as seen even last year. to make it worst bridgestone tyre used by ducatis looks superior than michelin. as a truth champion still we see rossi fight the title and for the every gp winning fiercely. but that guy of stoner is really something. wanna see a rider sliding around the track? just watch him race. hope rossi will have a good package to fight for the crown again next year.
football .. arsenal maintain its top position on EPL. something that nobody has sexpected. and i hope MU will slip a few games thus allowing Arsenal to maintain its grip on the league's top table. as for liverpool and Chelsea, they look shaky thus far.
for local football? as one mak cik answered the TV's interview ... "apa itu Piala Malaysia?". :) hehehehe. unless something being changed the way we run our local sporting body whatever they are, it is hard to see we will progress dramatically onto the world stage.


Blogger Jie said...

Pakcik....erk...ulasan myteam vs indoteam tu tak moh preview sekali ke?

wat tambah dosa sy je mlm tadi, dok mengata..hahahahaha...

12:23 PM  
Blogger sayda said...

all black didnt even enter the semi-final. what a shame. haih~

1:42 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

kujie. local footbal scene bleh la di ignore kan wat masa nih. membazir air liur jek cakap pasal tu :D

sayda. all black too suffer over confident and over arrogance. yes they are sexcellence team. but tactically they have not changed thus allow opponents to come up with game plan against them. unexepectedly lost? nayye ... they did loose in all previous world cup tourneys.

1:49 PM  
Blogger inah said...

mari bersukan..err..x leh nak kumen..sbb den hanya minat layan volleyball n beach volleyball n bowling n need for speed n grand theft auto m list goes on and on...hahahah..

jgn marah pokcik =D

be happy

7:10 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

tak marah inah. pak cik pun suka gak nengok beach volleyball ... *saliva dripping*

7:31 AM  

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