Monday, October 01, 2007

A lil moment pls ... 2.

during my diploma time, i still remember how i anguishly debated with my fren on the 'opinion' given by the late sudirman on islamic issue versus the 'fatwa' and opinion given by alim ulama on the same topic. opinion given by the late sudirman was featured in Mingguan Malaysia, in a major column allocated for an islamic issue. i cant remember wat was the topic was but certainly related to entertainment industry.
i was telling my fren, since there is two opinion on the same issue, he must support the opinion given by the professional or the 'ahli' on that topic. since it is an islamic topic that he must agreed to and accede to the alim ulama's fatwa. But my fren remain adamant to support the opinion given by the late 'singing lawyer'. so i just left him, he and his big ego. i know he know i am rite. naturally if he want to know a recipe for cheesecake he shud have asked a cook and not a blacksmith, rite?
once i debated with my office mate/colleague on the issue of konsert amal jariah. i told him since that consert is actually forbidden by islamic so naturally there is no 'amal jariah' but 'buat susah payah' jek. but to him he didn't see my point. to him the concert is done and held for the good cause so it should be alrite. i know it is hard for me to explain to him but i just left him once i gave him my opinion. i can't persuaded him to heed to my advise or opinion, as i am also as jahil as him.
not so long ago, jabatan agama issued a decree that music black metal is 'haram'. almost all the fellow black metallian cry fouls and made a big hu ha amongst themselve. according to them it is more on political reason. i remain as silence as i cud be. to me the whole issue is simple. the black metal music is haram not more than the haram status befallen for the whole music industry itself. can u bring me a decent ulama that cud say outrightly that contemporary music is halal? even the presence of Tok Guru Nik Aziz for a well seggregated female/male sin one of the pop concert in Kota Bharu failed to convince me that the music is outrightly halal.
there is big difference between committing a 'maksiat' and knowingly and admittingly it is a maksiat (with or without an intention to repent later) and with trying to make that 'maksiat' as halal. and what about those who doesnt know at all? maksiat ke tak? haram ke halal? don't ever think that we can escape using that sexcuses. the beauty of islam is, it is a religion by nature. naturally configured to our natural needs and requirement. altho we can claim that we know nuts about any issue but honestly to God, deep down inside in our heart, our deep consciousness is telling and showing us the rite path. it is only that we choose to suppress it and ignore it due to other sexciting reasons fanned by tempations and evil thots and intention.


Blogger sayda said... ni akan bertukar membincangkan isu2 agama kah?


9:29 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

errr ... ter merapu bab ni lah sayda ;))

10:21 AM  
Blogger zura lias said...

erkk..tetibe penin,,,

9:35 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

nak juera pil chi kit teck aun :p

11:13 AM  

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