Tuesday, September 04, 2007

tag! jgn tak tag!

ni pak cik jawab tag dari sheera. macam payah jek tag ni nak d jawab. sebab kene pk dulu ;)) huhuhuhu.

1. 4 things that scare me
ni kene pikir lama and mendalam. hardly anything scares me :D
a. meniti titian yang kecil.
b. main skateboard, roller blade dan yang sama waktu dengan nya.
c. seeing blood. bleeding lah .. pitam pak cik nanti.
d. kene wat operation. atau apa2 medical procedures. i don ever wanna talk about removing my tonsil.

2. 4 people that make me laugh
a. stephen chow sing chi. nenok muka dia je pun pak cik dah gelak sakan.
b. jim carrey. sebodoh mana pun lawak dia, pak cik tetap akan gelak. pastu bila teringat sensorang, bantai la gelak sensorang.
c. p ramlee. :D tak perlu di sangsikan lagi. mesti gelak kaw2 nak nak bila tgk citer dia reramai.
d. myself of course, cause of my non-disruption of real life stupidity.

3. 4 things that i love
a. beautiful things. number one on the list if beautiful girl :D tsk tsk tsk
b. good songs with good melody.
c. someone that can draw me into a conversation, sharing stories, laughing together and be honest with each other. no secrets. nothing to be pretended. plain & simple. * i know this is too much to ask*
d. i love driving while listening to music.

4. 4 things that i hate
a. horrendous things. like stupid quarrel. unreasonable attitude. irresponsible behavior. ignorant fools.
b. cigarret butt :D
c. kurang ajar attitude. macam pompuan cakap kasar. anak menjawab dan tengking mak bapak. etc tec.
d. people tok kok. cakap banyak tapi tin kosong.

5. 4 things that i dont understand
a. seeing motorist throwing rubbish out of their car.
b. seing parents guiding their kids peeing into the drains at malls.
c. people that telling lies over & over and then sampai mati pun x mo ngaku salah. even dah ternyata buktinya dia bersalah. then saying insincere apology.
d. lots doing one man job and yet still there is/are defect(s).

6. 4 things on my desk
a. notebook
b. photo frame of me n my kid
c. pda
d. piles of files, papers, notes, etc etc

7. 4 things i am doing right now
a. answering this tag.
b. on the phone with ehem ehem
c. letting a phone call on my mobile unanswered
d. looking outside my room.

8. 4 things i want to do before i die
a. to perform 'hajj'
b. provide enuff for my kids n my wife, as well as my mom & dad.
c. to leave a long lasting good deeds like 'wakaf' thingy & etc.
d. thats all folk.

9. 4 things that describe my personality
a. my horoscope of 'leo'. i am indeed a lion in nature. pat me i'll be as cool as ice. poke me long enuff i'll give you my claws.
b. my chinese zodiac of 'dog'. i can be ur good friend. i can be loyal. i can also bite u. up to you.
c. like my mom said "dalam mulut ehh ado omeh agak ehh". most of the times i keep my mouth shut. i don't tell people of others' stories as well. except those glory stories off course. i meant good glory :p
d. all my previous class teachers and bosses like me. *siul2*

10. 4 things i can't do
a. do not expect me to lie to & for you. i prefer straight deal.
b. taking you shopping or go holiday. 'mei yu chien lor'
c. read your mind and do you a service or a favor. u don't ask u'll never get it. if u ask for it mebbe u'll get it. soon or later.
d. to tell you my & my life secret. it is a secret!

saper yang sukarelawan/sukarelawati nak jawab tag ni sila lah jawab. bagitau pak cik ya!


Blogger zura lias said...

4 things that i luv..
saya termasuk tak pokcik?hiksssss....*malu..tutup muka dgn tudung*

11:43 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

- ehek juera :p mana tau? ;))
- tutup muka ngan tudung periuk ke ngan tudung saji tu juera? :D

12:33 PM  
Blogger orked said...

d. i love driving while listening to music

me too

4:08 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

sy tutup muka dgn tudung bawal 1...nk beli tak pokcik..utk wife ke..awek ke?ehhehehe...

8:23 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

orked. was wondering what type of music u r listening to. :D

juera. tudung bawal ekk? pak cik tak mo beli tudung bawal2 nih. kalo nak pak cik belikan ... meh pak cik belikan tudung litup labuh ... ;)) huhuhu

9:15 AM  
Blogger Jie said...

sesungguhnya sy bukanlah salah sorang sukarelawati ituuuu.....

2:37 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

kujie. bukan sukarelawati ekk? nak kene paksarela?

1:53 AM  

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