Friday, March 04, 2011


last year motogp there is a rumour that Metallica is coming to perform. we knew it would be 99.9% it will remain as rumour.
to be honest there were works done to bring in that super star band. but being accustoms to our Malaysia perceptive and reactions to rock and metal stars, we knew it juts not going to happen.
so how do malaysian wanna watch their idols live?
simple actually. work your butt to earn and save some money for passport, plane tickets and travelling sexpenses. travel overseas.
the immediate destination is Singapore. they successfully held Iron Maiden concert last month. next september there will be Linkin Park performing during Singapore F1 GP. you may also check that such concerts or gigs have been fully scheduled this year in that republic. you won't believe who they have.
other destination would be Bali, Bangkok, Australia and New Zealand.
tak percaya? u tanya Air Asia. baper ramai rockers Malaysia g Bali dan Australia :p


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