Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Domino Theory

The unrest in middle east started by the people protesting in Tunisia then the collapse of Egypt government is still embroiling in that region. Nobody know how far the domino would affect the whole region. Currently Bahrain and Libya are reportedly having the strongest protest by their people. The once mighty Muaamar Gaddafi is still defiant. The Crown Princess of Bahrain is still negotition his way out of the trouble but his pride project has been a casualty, Bahrain F1 GP has been called off.
Other nations that been affecting so far are Iran, Yemen, Algeria and even Kuwait and Saudi. The people basically wanted more participation in political decisions and economic development.
US and West countries are closely monitoring the whole thing anxiously since most of the affected nations are their key allies. Losing those countries to more Islamic powers might not augurs well with their future policies and interest. Muslim Brotherhood and shiite are not in their favourably list.
How far they will intervene remain a mystery. But sitting and doing nothing when the odds are in their favour has been proven. As they did when pro-Islamist party won the general election in Algeria but their victory been denied and even viciously and cruelly vindicated.
I am not surprise even the majority shiite in Iraq will rise and control the government who is currently the puppet government of US.


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