Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missing you ..

CNY just past recently and have you noticed something? it is almost a tradition for stephen chow and jackie chan in the past to have their movie screen for CNY. not this year. not also last year if am not mistaken. now that they are super star and super rich .. they produce less and less movies "sigh". nevermind the reason of quality over quantity :p

followings are the block buster movies for this year "yeayyy" :

1. Pirates of the caribbean - may 20.
2. Transformers - 1st July.
3. Fast Five - April 29.
4. Kung Fu Panda - May 26.

Make no mistake. there are a lot of other block buster movies on super heroes, aliens and romance that coming this year. including your Justine Bieber movies :p


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