Monday, February 18, 2008

captions of the week ..

the other nite i was at the dvd shop. while i was going thru few dvds in my hand, suddenly i realized next to me there was a group of five or six people mostly 'lelaki lembut' sexcept for one who appeared to be a full blown ladyboy. when i look up then i was in awe. that ladyboy is really2 pretty! the hair, the skin, the face, the dressing ... i would have to say he is beautiful, to the extend that sexceed most of the beautiful women i ever seen. but as usual his or her voice killed the mood which left me smiling ...

one of them trying to start conversation with me by commenting how good is the story of '2 and a half men' (season two) dvds that i was holding. but don't know how to react i just smiling and keeping mum. the last thing i want to sexpose myself to is to this group. not that i have something against them. pak cik tak kisah actually. but as i said earlier, girls can wait .... so with them :D.


while i was watching on sunday, my wife told me that one of our bro in law who was at kota bharu at that time just called her inquiring where was i. he got to ask cause he just saw 'me' there. lor ... luckily i was safe and soudn at home.

:D *phew ...*


my wife overheard my kids conversation which actually ticked her off a lil bit. si ayid was telling his big bro that next time if they come out with me and my so called girlfriend, he would request and asked for anything. according to him, i was kind and most obliged to them during those outing. which i beg to differ :))

but at least for now, no more outing with girlfriend. got no girlfriend for now. and mebbe for a long period to come. but my wife a bit sceptical. she has her doubt. i don't blame her but i quickly asked her "nak tengok ke saya kuar ngan budak umur 19 tawon?". that obviously set her off.

unlike before, this time around i was going out either all alone or with my kids. there are prospects indeed but i was just leave them open. few invitations to go out just hanging and chilling out or watching movie i have to let them passed. decided to be alone this time around. there are so much things to do and left undone. need to address them first.

till then, i will just have to strategically position myself for the next best opportunity that i am hoping for. kalo esok masih ada mentari dan bulan ... :D


Blogger aria ayumi said...

huhu... time kaseh pakcik... sbb ckp diya beautiful... hihi.

11:56 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

cik diya nih memang chantek pun. makin hari makin manis pak cik tengok :D apakah resia nya?

12:26 PM  

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