Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trilogy : First. No Particular Reason.

when you are in relationship, to end it, do you need to give a reason? do you need to find a reason? or a bunch of reasons? do you need to blame the other party and presented your case? need to give evidence for misconduct, treasons, betrayal, lies and etc etc?

for me honestly i don't think so. just enuff for me to ask within whether i am comfortable and happy? the surprising part is our heart always tell us the true answer only for us to put it aside with common logic and under emotional influence.

and that is sexactly what normally happens. we know it is heading nowhere. but still we wanna go on hoping everything will turn out ok someway somehow.

but usually it never does. not without miracle. not without luck.

in relationship there is no such miracle nor luck. if we believe so, then clearly we opt for despair and sorrow.

it is a work of two heart. if one heart straying away, there is nothing we could do sexcept for choosing to end the terminal relationship. as simple as that. but we always fool ourselves. and wellcome to the hell's gate! either you cry and mourn there or simply being sucked in and become the devil and do evil things later on.


bulan dan mentari bersilih ganti
menjaga langit dan awan
di bawah pemerhatian bintang-bintang.

hati yang sepi
siapakan menemani
rintihan duka tiada siapa peduli.


Blogger aria ayumi said...

alahai. klw takde reason... nape sesenang je kita nak break up satu2 hubungan tu... :(

12:21 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

bukan tader reason .. ada. tepuk dada tanya selera. cuma tak perlu lah nak bersusah payah nak merasionalisasi kan nya.
contoh : your partner have been cheating on you. you came to know abt it. u got evidence. just walk away ... no need to waste energy on sexplaining n all. u simply don't have to. no benefits pun.

1:53 PM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

pakcik, give la reason, at least the other party would know what need not to be repeated in the future, no?

2:37 AM  

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