Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Lonely Road Again ...

the antidepression pill seems working a bit. i am much more relax now. over time i think i would be much ok. am bizi'ing myself with office works. personal things for improvement i have yet to put 100% effort. insya'allah by today i will start it.

past few days am bizi'ing myself with personal business that involve me travelling to kl at nite. plan to come home early last nite but only reaching home at almost 1 am though was planning to tuck in sleep as early as 12 midnite. but rain delaying my fren from coming over. then the other fren also delaying the meeting time from 10 pm to 11 pm. thot wanna touch n go but ended up chatting a bit. then my wife sms "saya tengok abang letih semacam je. abang ada masalah ya? tapi walau macammana pun saya nak mintak RM... dari abang nak bayar ....". duh! on the way balik tu kene lak carik ATM machine ...

been skipping lunch for the past few days also. just having apple green. but tonite am planning to cook sirloin steak :D with salad and wholemeal bread. maybe will go shopping later for meats and vege and green apple. got to stock up for few days.

planning a trip to pharmaceutical for some sexotic supplement, probably by next week as well as a trip to book store. got to have another book for reading material.

other than that ... maybe next week i will planning a few trips to kl for office works. ultimate goal is to find alternative cheap loan. second objective is to meet outside people and got to widen my horizon.

the lady i met yesterday who will be formally single mother come this March warning me of against living separately. should learn from her sexperience she said. lonely life and kids will be the major victim. 'nanti makan tak terjaga and bla bla bla ..." but i told her .. 'i can cook for myself" :D. i can do all the household works myself. i am a very independent guy. been like that ever since i was small. but the most important thing is .. the ulterior motif. it must be pure and right things to do. i guess ...


the measure of man is how he weather the storm. would he come out good or bruising physically and mentally ...


Blogger Hanna J. Potter said...

woot. *^^* lame tak melawat pakcik. heheh. hm..takr eti nk kan, nani rase..kite jgnlah skip lunch wpun bz sgt..nnt sakit kalau tak mkn. *^^*

5:33 PM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

sirloin steak sounds good...but u cooking it? hehehehehe......

but, if coming out bruising physically and mentally makes the man a better person and rich with life experiences, why not?

12:38 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

anna. am skipping lunch but still am chewing green apple :D. surprisingly am not feeling hungry tho.

azra. yup, am cooking it myself. am bruising alrite but things are looking good. :D Hope He will make it better.

7:53 AM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

pakcik, i like my man with some bruises and scars, will make em' more human!

hope things turn out all right for you, amin!

btw,you are able to comment now, please do, cant wait to see what the wise man gotta say!

12:27 AM  
Blogger aria ayumi said...

" 'i can cook for myself" :D. i can do all the household works myself. i am a very independent guy. "

eheh. kan best, klw future husband diya pun independent mcm pakcik nih. tak yah susah2 kite nak masakkan utk die slalu... keje umah pun bleh uat. adoiii. memang pleasant. ahaks :p

3:10 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

azra. which women don't like their men scars? :p
things will turn out allrite insya'allah.
commented alredi but am not in a gud piece of mind at the moment. something like hangover from whatever it is that i don't know.

diya. sometimes from outside things looking sexciting and interesting. but women do like a hubby that do household and everything :D

12:34 PM  

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