Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trilogy : Second. The Reason.

I made a trip to kl last nite around 10.00 pm. once my business settled then i drove home. without apparent reason there was quite a numbers of car when i drove to kl and little lesser on the way back.

at jalan genting klang there were a couple of cars stupidly cruising on the fast lane. getting tired i overtook them on the slower lane. then i was speeding a bit. then came a fast car right behind me when i reached jalan pahang. i drove faster and keeping that car behind till the bulatan jalan pahang all the way to lebuhraya 'what is name' from PWTC heading towards muzium negara passing Parliment building. again there were few cars stupidly cruising slow on the fast lane. from there on i increased my speed and engaged on the race mode. faster and faster and overtake any cars infront. this continue along federal hiway. suddenly a sms came from a lady lets be known as "A".

A : How are u today? Bet on top of the world yeah?
Me : Tgh racing ni!
A: Amboi, takkan racing boleh jawab sms? Kenapa tak ajak i racing sekali? Minat tau :-)
Me : No fear!
A : :-P No fear indeed.
Me : Lor .. wat r u up to still not sleeping?
A: What else to do?
Me: Hawau u?
A : So and so. Ok lah. surviving. And u? Everything settled?
Me : Me? Embracing sorrow. hehehe
A : By racing? Does it work? Damn i shd try it too!
Me : Not recommended for a 'girlish' heart tho.
A : :-P What made u say that? A girlish heart can be a tough lady too zack!
Me : Tough lady don't have a girlish heart! :p
A : Owh well, they were once a girl dear! They wont be able to totally forget their root. The same goes to u too. Even tho u acted like a mcho man, feer down in ur eyes i can see the boyish side of u! Wanted to be love and loving also
Me : We are talking about racing duh!
A : Hahaha, i was talking abt racing too right? Hahaha ... sorry, i steered out of tract sikit.
Me : As usual :p
A : yeah, that's me i guess :-P so who win? What's the price tonite?
Me : Just happily racing along the hiway :)
A : Let me get it right, happily embracing sorrow?
Me : Kinda ...
A : How's things with her? Any wedding bells ringing?
Me : Hell's bell that tolled.
A : Be patient! There will always be a sweet life after a thorny path dear.
Me: Yup. Meantime i will embrace this sorrow till no solace can make me the same with any girls anymore.
A : R u still with her dear?
Me : Nope. Was over. Am going to prayer now n tuck in to bed. U sleep tite n sweetdreams ya!
A : I'm in bed already. Finish racing eh? Good night to u too and sweet dream dear.

The sms started around 11.50 pm and ended at 12.48 am.

This lady has been confided in me her maritak problems and i always been there for her giving advise and all. but last fasting month i gave he bold advise which she took it as cruel. i didn't blame her tho but i also didn't feel guilty. and she stopped contacting me until last weekend by smsed saying hi and asking how am i. i answered that i am not fine. she then told me she has a hunch that i am not doing ok and asked whether i would like to share the problem with her. i said no. then we ended the sms by saying good nite.

she is the last person i wanna talk about my problem. as you can see thru the sms above ... to me she kinda a female that have a very strong feminisme. support all the women doesn't matter what it is. thus i don't see her as ably to give a sound and unbiased opinions not to mention advise!

to be a good listener one must be able to detach from whatever things that may influence opinion and judgement even when he or she got interest in it. and it must be done purely without any hidden motive and personal benefits.

are you up to it?


look at the starry sky
the bright moonlight
the beautiful world beneath them
it made you wonder
how can person
do hideous things?


Blogger A Z R A said...

of course im up to it!....bring it on, bring it on..... ;)

2:39 AM  
Blogger aleez said...

i wonder why was she talking abt wedding bells to u? huhuhu

6:01 AM  

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