Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Trilogy : Third. For All The Wrong Reason.

A was deeply hurt by her malay boyfriend who decided to dump her for someone new but closer to him. He was at the US and A was at UK both pursuing studies. A then felt she had enuff with malay boy and decided to find love in european guy who she thot is more gentlemen and caring. she then got hooked to one and married there even when her family earlier on protested.

Little she knew that the european guy insterested in asian lady coz he got the impression that asian lady are loyal and treated their husband like king. he wanted to be treated as one.

when they finally settled in Malaysia, the true colours of the husband started to show. womanising. lying. lazy bump. she even most of the times has to support the household expenses and not to mentione still have to do all the household jobs. the agonising and the despairs started to wrestle her life.

she asked for divorce but the husband threatened to took their kids with him. she decided not to proceed. and the husband doesn't changed a bit.

i gave my advise to her that she only got two options either to ask for divorce or continue with the marriage and doing all she can to win him back. make him change. make a turnover to be a once beautiful lady she was. or simply disregard him even if when he is around and learn to focus on her career and kids. do not let his doings affecting her life.

she didn't do either. that is why when last time she came to me about his husband antics all i could tell her was she can't complaining since that is the option that she took. she decided to have him around purportedly for the kids' sake. she wanted him to change but unable to do it. quarrel are everyday business. the most eery part is, she still love him, that is why it does hurt her very much. then there is nothing much that i can do ...

sometimes no matter how well we thought we have learned and educated, we are actually not as liberal as we thot. we still as typical person .. fear of the unknown, thus embracing what we have now even if it kill us emotionally and physically day by day ...


sky is the limit
still the birds
fly back to its nests
when the sun goes down.


Blogger A Z R A said...

arrghhhh.....dont u know letting go is very the hard? and when it comes to the matter of heart and the obvious, sometimes in between comes the cloudy memories - makes it even harder, isk isk.....

but you are rite, if thats what she chose, dont complain.....

2:43 AM  
Blogger aleez said...

well.. i believed A would have learnt her lesson and pursuing her life without him now... and i must second azra.. it's hard letting go... esp of things that are very dear to your life.

5:52 AM  

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