Saturday, June 20, 2009

sesiput ...

i think it was last week friday, i took an half day leave to do few personal matters. amongst others to register and subscribe for streamyx. this is the only way i cud online from my home. those broadbands are useless. been wasting my money big time on xpac broadband.

'sorry sir, the system show there is no line for your home. we will send a contractor to check it out. then we will notify you to re-submit your application'.

and a week has past by and nothing happen.

there was a gud column in yesterday 'the star' mourning n whining about the state of our internet connection and multimedia issues. interestingly he quoted the stories and rumbling of expatriate working in our own country.

needless to say ... we are truly lagging behind. as we are lagging behind on other things compare to our neighbours. in IT and computer thingy, we are probably still 10 years behind from singapore. don't try to compare with their sophistication in financial systems and instruments. honestly am not sure how many decade we are lagging.

ever wonder why? the answer is very simple. but i doubt the solution is.


Blogger YatT'S said...

erkk kt bando pun tak do line ke....

1:12 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

kek bando ado
kek umah den la
siput ngan ulek gonggol lagi laju :))muehehehe

9:20 AM  
Blogger ticnube said...

oo yeahhh.. brobenn... mmgnyakit kan ati..mueheh..soba la wahai ati..:(

8:55 AM  
Blogger YatT'S said...

huuhhuhuhu nasib la pakcik..
den dah subscribe celcom tak jadik nak amik p1w1max so far ok arr celcom tuh kalau kek sini .. tp kalau balik kg tuh kek bahau konfem siput pun lagi laju..

9:58 AM  

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