Monday, August 10, 2009


i am down now. since last Friday. by a very bad flu. or cud be viral infection. flu is still there. cough left a lil bit. fever alhamdulillah is gone for now sexcept body ache. and i am sweating out of nothing ....
apakah penyakit nya ini tok nujum?


i am following closely the PR governments in Selangor and Penang. these two government represent an alternative to the other type of government that ruling our Federation. if our hope vested in PR, these two government must show good governant. it is interesting coz currently we could watch how these two government addressing the chinese/malay issue and hardcore DAP/fundamentalist PAS issue.
how sexciting!


i just knew it today that initially our independent nation shouldn't be called Malaysia. The 'sia' word was added due to inclusion of singapore with malay peninsular in demanding the independence from the British.
all this while i thot the 'sia' word could carry a meaning like 'land' or something similar like indonesia.



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