Tuesday, December 22, 2009

miss thought ..

when petronas sponsored sauber F1 team, we are hoping that on one fine day, a malaysian driver will be promoted to sit in one of the cars. the day never come. when BMW came into picture, bought Sauber's shares and became main principal, the hope is still there. we thought we have better and solid relationship with BMW. measured by all the BMW cars that appeared in Petronas' ads. alas ... the day never come also.

the only malaysian driver came into F1 circus was in the face of Alex Yoong into Minardi team as sponsored or paid driver.

one wonder why? is it because our talents are not good enough for F1?

then came malaysian owned team Lotus F1. what do you know ... still no malaysian driver. sexcept for test driver. guess we are only good enough for that. who would have thought? perhaps meritocracy concept being applied. and the call of 'malaysian boleh' doesn't applied herewith.

am not sure whether petronas made a good decision to sponsor mercedes GP team. but i do hope they know what they are saying. off all the reasons given. i do understand they want to sponsor winning team. as what they did with MotoGP. wonder though whether they really get the benefits from investment with sauber team all this while other than sponsored our engineer at sauber swiss factory ...

my one bet for sure. petronas ads will soon featuring mercedes cars ...


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