Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the inevitable.

Nakheel Tower.
the world.
the palm.

it was and is still an awe looking at the wonders constructions in this part of the world. including the tallest building in the world.
but i fear it will someday cause the country harm. an economy turmoil. our country actually face the fate in 1997.
the problem with real estate and infrastructure developments is, it is capital expenditure and do not yield sufficient turnover and return immediately in constant and periodical manner. unlike building a factory or productive investment which will generate steady flow of income. thus if the investment made by loan, the risk of non payment is high.
and it finally caught up.
i hope they will get the best help and advice they could get in order to escape financial disaster.



Blogger Kujie said...

baca juga krisis pinhaman projek mega Dubai ni. Nak komen pun saya bukan pakar ekonomi

3:09 PM  

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