Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dumb and dumber.

the local tv hurriedly cover the news of the footbridge collapse over kampar river in Perak. nevermind about the inaccuracy of the number of students involved. nevermind about the other facts inaccuracy.
nevertheless i was in awe over the sms poll run by the tv scouting for audience input on who to blame, (a) the contractor (b) JKR (c) the student.
just who is wise enough to put the (c) as one of the options? last but not least there are 3% people voted for it. brilliant. just blame the poor 12 years old or younger schoolchildren.


Blogger Max J. Potter said...

now isn't that just the smartest thing to do, blame the kid? it's amazing how far our paradigm have shifted over the years. can't imagine the situation in another ten years. the only option in such survey could only be 'the student'.

it won't be so surprising now, will it?

sorry lama tak komen, pakcik. slalu dtg tp byk diam aje. *^^*

7:22 PM  

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