Monday, September 28, 2009

ewah ewah nya ...

the problem when you bought takehome dishes is when it didn't meet up to your taste. you just can't return them and ask for refund. either you just keep chewing and swallowing them pieces by pieces or stop eating and the dishes ended up in the dust bin. what a waste.

that's the problem we had last nite. so over the dining table i uttered the word to the kids"ayah masak lagi sedap kan?"
"a'ah. betul tu" they all replied almost in concerted.
"tapi ayah dah lama tak masak" one of them add.
"betul tu. da lama ayah tak masak puding roti" add another.
"a'ah. masak coklat" added si ibai referring to the bread pudding chocolate creame.
"ayah lah yang mulakan masak megi goreng telur" their mom added.
and more "bla bla bla".

all the while i was keeping quiet and just smiling.

thinking back, didn't I made ayam bakar, ayam panggang, ikan bakar, kerang bakar for last fasting month? forgotten already eh?

amboi amboi ... sedap betul mengomplen dia org nih!


Blogger yOnnA said...

pakcik! selamat hari raya :D

4:28 PM  
Blogger orkEd said...

p'cik, camat ari raye

hope u can share happiness, joy & laughter wif ur families & friends. And also hopefully we can be new and better people after Ramadan is over.

maaf zahir & batin

7:58 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

pokcik...yg mende-mende lain yg x disebut tu sebab isu pasal makanan yg sodap di masak oleh yg di sebut tu aje yg sodap..yg x di sebut tu..ehemm..eheemmmm..hiksss.. xnak sebut..xnak sebut...

2:57 PM  
Blogger arsaili said...

salam..wahhh bila nak merasa masakan saudara nih..ehehe

12:46 PM  

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