Friday, July 09, 2010

helluuuuu :)

yup .. it's been a while. felt such a long time. so many things to write and story .. alas .. stuck somewhere somehow.

i was actually had serious illness as my boss put it. brushing with death actually. sexactly early of June. and as so many people claimed as 'u r lucky', 'panjang umur kau' and probably berkat doa ahli keluarga, am recuperating well. am still not 100% back at my old self, in terms of health that is, but am fine now. sexcept for my heart which i have to see the doctor again in november.

do you aware that the doctor did not and will not inform anything to the patient but to his/her next of kin in the event condition getting serious and probably terminal? which was sexactly happened to me.

i admitted myself to private hospital early in the morning. by night my condition got serious and the doctor there threw the towel and transferred me to government hospital. there i was in the ambulance at 12.34 midnite. while i been attended to in the ER (emergency room) by various personnel, the chief doctor told my wife and my sister that my situation is very critical. then both of them came in to see me all crying.

"bawak mengucap jam" my sister said.
"mengucap bang" my wife said.
and how do i answered?
"pesal lak kene mengucap?"

as i said, so many story and few jokes, lets me find the motivation and time to write in here again.



Blogger Kujie said...


itulah lama sangat blog tak update, tak dapat info apa-apa pun. Tertanya-tanya juga , ingat ke sibuk maklumlah org besar2 ni kerja2 offline lagi banyak

Terkejut dan lega juga dengar khabar berita ni..moga pakcik cepat sembuh dan jaga kesihatan baik-baik.

12:46 PM  
Blogger ANGEL said...

hohh pakcik, i seriously hope you are OK and will be OK! what happen?

take good care of yourself!

1:23 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

cik puan kujie and cik puan azra. pak cik da ok .. alhamdulillah. nanti pak cik citer lagi detail ya.

2:31 PM  

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