Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Reviews. Part II.

to me, he is one of the most influential movie and hollywood figures nowadays. but one can not deny his acting talents and ability. look at his movie 'cast away'. almost entirely he is just talking to himself and to a volleyball. but still the movie was a box office. there are just so many of his movies that if not brilliant but good and pleasant to watch. his movie i like the most is 'forrest gump'.

the one and only, the most sellable action movie actor in hollywood, arnold scwharzenegger. almost all of his movies are action movie. he just have to flex his muscle and do some face mimicking. no need to talk. his script can be put to minimal. hist best movies to me are 'conan the barbarian' and 'the predator'. should i can only choose one, it would be the former.

in my previous post .. i did mention about this guy, sam worthinton, who acted in terminator 4. his acting and screen presence was much better than the movie lead star. later on he appeared in other blockbuster movie namely avatar and clash of the titan. tho he may not be an actor that i would surely attracted to see his movie, but am convinced that he will be someday.

this guy, denzel washington, acted in many well received movies. beyond doubt he is a very fabulous actor. and he is well respected by his own peers and stars. his movie that i like the most is 'malcolm x'. very inspiring.

one of the most gifted actors from down under, heath ledger. his best performance was in 'the dark knight'. his death did not pushed the movie tickets sales but his brilliant acting. definitely his best movie. i first saw him the movie 'A knight's tale'.

here the most bizzrare and peculiar actor. johny depp. just look at the movies that he chosed to act. very unorthodox roles. his best movie to me is 'pirate of the caribbean'. the first one definitely.

last but not least, mel gibson. the most senior brilliant actor and producer from down under. lots and lots of movie he acted in. all of them are enjoyable. his acting are well across all genres including comedy. have u watched his movie 'the maverick'? u'll know what i mean if you did. but his most likeable movie to me is 'the hamlet'. the only other actor that ably to pull crowd even with nothing but talk, talk and talk non stop in his movie.

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dah ade dah johnny deep..yeayyy..rasenye dia nie..kalo berlakon ape pun best..secret window die berlakon..mcm x sedar rupenye die le pembunuh...*peminat kipas susah mati johnny deep*...hihihih

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pak cik pun peminat dia gak taw :p

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