Monday, March 15, 2010

sesuka sesangat!

yeayy! ferrari won the first GP. next 2 week will be in melbourne. my bet still on ferrari. and malaysian team lotus managed to start and finish the race. winner of the new teams. off course their rival is team virgin. anybody who do not know y .. please check relationship between tony fernandez and virgin's boss.

arsenal won their game against hull. i was really sexcited. cause i hate hull's manager.

lee chong wei finally won all england trophy. the trophy that eluded him for so long. nevermind he beat the unknown japanese player. a win is still a win. anybody still remember how he was beaten by lin dan last year in the same tournament? almost in similar fashion he was crushed by the the mighty chinese player in the beijing olympic.

malaysian meritus GP2 team also registered a first win. a good sign for malaysian motorsport? maybe yes. and maybe not.

that the brief for now. and anybody know the meaning of 'duit panas'? for sure it was not the money being kept in the bra! :D


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