Wednesday, February 10, 2010

owh my ...

i am a fan of late nite's david letterman show. since the first time i watched it many years ago. i like the fact that he is funny, daring, and probably honest. make no mistake .. he is not an angel. but the fact that he is just a normal human being with a lot of weaknesses and he is ok with it, to me that make him interesting. alas .. he is started as stand up comedian.

the funny thing is .. in his show there were numerous time our own country name being mentioned. included last nite show in astro. same as before, this time around about animal. to be sexact .. last nite is about 'tapir'. tho it looks like a national geographic show still it quite as hillarious.

but not all can be watched, i recalled he cracked a joke about our own klcc but as usual it was censored. duhh ..


Blogger zura lias said...

penah try nk tgk david letterman show mesti ngantok lepas tu..mmg leh tgk talk show dalam baper minit je..lepas tu mesti mata kuyu..hiihih

10:49 AM  

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