Friday, February 05, 2010

mangkuk tingkat mangkuk tilik.

so ferrari had launched their F1 car for 2010 season. so were half dozen of other teams. ferrari also had run series of testing. along with few other teams. and ferrari top the sheets.

my money will be on Ferrari. they should win 2010 championship. this is based on the testing done so far. but principally due to fernando alonso factor. tho i hate the guy, i can't denied he is a very sexcellent race driver. easy comparison ... he can drive proton car and beat other super brand cars.

not to disrespect michael schumacher. i love this guy. but i simply don't have faith with the mercedes petronas F1 team. even with brawn lead the team.

noted that malaysian owned team, Lotus F1 yet to launch their car? they also yet t0 test their car. am not even sure whether they have the car or not. am aware they planned to run few test towards the near of first 2010 gp race. reason being .. don't have enuff spare parts should their car damage in accidents. but honestly i already scared whether their car could be on the grid for first race! not to disrespect or close eye on "malaysia boleh" spirit. but this is F1. a sport that require a lot of hard cash and politics.


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