Monday, March 22, 2010

magis 1.

it was hot. most people all over west malaysia complaint there are no rains. water at dams were reported reaching low level. some states even considering water rationing.

that was why i just went to the beach even at that time i could see dark clouds above. same thing the other day ... i just went to water fall. there were no rains. 'hujan tak jadi', commonly utter by people on such incidents.

but things are vividly contradict at the part of the country. in klang valley ... rain storm hit us almost everyday. and yesterday ... when i came back to shah lama using elite hiway .. some part of the journey we were hit by heaviest rain ever. almost like the sky pouring water on our vehicles.

reaching shah alam, the rain wasn't heavy. very slightest. and the sun was trying hard peeping thru the thick clouds. perhaps that was why i cudn't find rainbows ... even when i turn my head almost 360 degree looking for it.


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