Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie Reviews.

i've trouble to sleep and it getting worst lately. screening of a few good movies late at night by astro is not helping me either.

have you watched 'the blind side' starred by sandra bullock which thru it she earned her first oscar? it is really a gud n beautiful movie. i can't help but noticed it kinda shows a lifestyle of a good christian family. and it is a true story. i just wonder how is the lifestyle of a good moslem family. am aware am not living one.

last few days i watched 'phenomenom' a movie starring john travolta. for me this is by far the most likeable movie by him. it is a story of a man who suddenly have a gift of outrageous sense of thinking and understanding. only later to find out it is a side effect of a large tumor inside his head.

last couple of weeks astro screened the movie of 'the godfather 1' and 'the godfather 2'. part 1 is starred by al pacino alone while in part 2 he starred along side robert de niro. these two movies are well known as the masterpieces by the acclaimed director francis ford coppola. the performance of his two stars in their youngster years are very much enjoyable. most people would not recognize these two stars in these movies because they were so young.

i have other few favourite actors. i would tag them along their most liking movies to me. bruce willis in 'the sixth sense'. will smith in 'the independence day'. matt damon in 'good will hunting'.

just to name a few. others like denzel washington are russel crowe are also in the list but perhaps later on i will touch on them.

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pokcik...requesttt...johnny deep...Edward Scissorhands...secret window...fuhhh..manyak yg best2 die berlakon...

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