Tuesday, April 13, 2010

down but not out.

i am down with flu now. since last friday. hope it is nothing bad nor worst.

took the medication yesterday and got an mc. been sleeping from noon till early of the nite. woke up quickly went about to settle few things like getting an hair cut and bought worm for my fishes. today still not feeling well and how i wish i could lay nack and just sleep. :(

fist race of motogo was concluded. valentino rossi won! yeayyyy!! followed by lorenzo. petronas peoples must be smiling to their ears. good coverage. notes also the words of "semakin ke depan" on the coverall and bikes but not sure what is was for. i guess it is for petronas synthium's motorcycle lubricant. been trying to look for it at petronas website but to no avail. and malaysian rider in 125cc did finish at 21 positions. outside the points.

tiger woods did not won US Master. he finished at 4th position. a failure to his own standard.

i was staying awake actually to watch these two events. but slept before the gold event concluded. i was too sleepy and looking at the tiger woods and phil mickelson games i just knew tiger woods won't win.

any other malaysian competing at international events last weekend? i thought our datuk squash playing in one event. can't say for sure. there is no wide media coverage. am too groggy to search on the net.

pic. : i am flu by deWhin at deviantart.com


Blogger zura lias said...

kite serupaaa...*baca macam headwind style*..selesema...huhuuhh

10:21 AM  

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