Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amazing Grace.

the latest season of amazing race just ended. the brothers won ahead of a cowboys bros and a pair of beauty pageant. am part of majority viewers who rooted for the cowboys to win. and like them i was kinda frustrated as well. especially for the viewer who take offence in the way the winner played their game. call it a cheat. some even voiced out their anger to the series producer and feeling of not going to watch the show again. who can blame them? success can be achieved via cheating?

to be honest, as real as the show itself, real life is like that. good person sometimes loose out. but if we look at it again, the cheaters did win a million dollar prize. but to many, the cowboys are the real winner. people will greet and cheer for them. real life is also similar. good guy may loose on one single shorter or smaller view or measurement. but in a long run or even eternity, the good guy will win. soon or later.

one can choose a devilish path to succeed. to gain glory. to win money. to win love. to have their woman. but who choose a saintly path will inevitably win everything. they will not loose a sleep. they will have a clear conscience. they live happily now and the life after.

unlike any other reality show, amazing race will always be the stage for competitors to behave. winning it is just a short goal. otherwise might as well call it an awful race. that is why people who felt like they were cheated by the latest season end and feeling not to watch the show again, will eventually return to watch it.

and for amazing race asia version, we certainly hope the racers from malaysia will be on top of their behaviour. they will be our ambassador.


Blogger zura lias said...

dah lame x tgk amazing race.. :((

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