Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayer For People of Japan.

when i saw the news and graphic nature of the earthquake damages, and Japan initially announce only 300 of life casualty, i was amazed. but it is believable since Japan is one of the country that prep themself for such incidents as well as tsunami.
but when the damages inflicted by the tsunami, and the figure being revised up to 1,000 plus, only, then i started to question myself. is that right?
now the number being revised again to be well above 10,000. any chances it would grow up?
most of all i really hope Japan will not hide anything on the potential nuclear disaster they are currently having. finger cross, they are being prudence on all the risks especially to their peoples.

let us pray for them. hopefully the damages will not turn worst that it is now.


Blogger YatT'S said...

semoga semuanya kembali pulih. besyukur jadi rakyat msia.

8:40 PM  

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