Saturday, June 02, 2007

Time Out!!

"dengar gosip en. zam hot skrg nih .. amboi2" an ex-colleague sms me the other day.
"saya kan mamalia mesti lah hot :p" i answered her.
sighhh ... i admitted it. i was a bit out of orbit for a while. believe me, it wasn't a situation that i really like.
a new dress. a new fashion. spotting various hairstyles. a new approach of managing my colleagues. banyak lah yang new nya. tak termasuk lagi dengan kebizian tahap gaban lagi tu. in and out of meetings.
to be honest i am quite drifted from a lifestyle that i have devoted before it for few months. done a lot of things that i normally shouldn't have done. i was away from home for too many times. was out most of the nites too. either weekdays or weekends.
now i am contemplating of taking myself to my secluded life again. living a life around my home. taking refugee from the world actually.
but still I am not sure what should i do now.
to be or not to be ...


Blogger Kak Jie said...

to be or not to alwez like tht....tarik napas...hembus...tarik...hembus....... then baru make the rite decisions..huhuhuhu...jgn tarik napas tak hembus² lagi...yg tu mmg tak de pilihan ape dah!

kita ni selalu sgt dok pikiaq how other ppl see, wht they think ttg kita smpai kdgn² kita lupa apa keperluan diri kita sendiri..eemmm....bla..bla..bla....kakjie dh membebel...chowwwwwwww...sebelum buat mcm entry blog sendiri..hiks!

Jaga diri ye

10:24 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

thanks for the 'bebelan' kujie ;)) huhuhu

i don't give a care what others thot abt me. perhaps i will never be. but cud that be a problem as well? :D

10:20 PM  
Blogger sayda said...

just be yourself k.
i wouldnt like u if u be other person.

be or not to be?
be happy k

i loike!

1:58 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

point taken sayda. but what if you are started to get tired and hated that 'yourself' tu? ;)) huhuhu

9:00 PM  

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