Tuesday, November 27, 2007

of the things i should not do.

masa wat blood test ari tu dokter ada tanya gak .. "dlm famili history ada family member kene kanser?".
"errr ... tader" jawab pak cik pantas. mestikah dokter bertanya sedemikian? wat saspens jek. at the end the doctor did not get the lab to run the screen test for cancer. tapi sebenarnya sebelum itu pak cik ada gak berkira-kira mungkinkah kanser one of the possibility? lung cancer? colone cancer? nauzibillah ..
when the result came out i was kinda relief that that everiting are basically ok. tho i was mentally prepared for anything worst. i still remember the last time i did the medical check up the doctor asked me "why your cholesterol level is so low?" he was puzzled. i do monitor things that i eat. so much so there are a lots of things that i didn't take and a lots that i control. such as no ice and preferably no cold things, minimum intake of red meats, even last time i tried not to take oily foods and only recently i was a bit relax about it. and i do takes a lots of egg including the yolk. almost every meals mesti ada telur.
due to the wbc that a bit high, the doctor prescribe me with a two weeks long of antibiotics. the rest is up to me to do the sexercise that i have abandoned quite a while. hopefully i can start by this evening.
mentally stress? perhaps. as i can't slept last nite. even dah menguap2. at last kol 3 lebeh baru lelap. and i cursed myself cause terlupa about the sleeping pills. mebbe i shud just accept the fact that i needed the pill in order to get gud sleep. tapi takut nanti jadi junkies lak ;)) huhuhuhu


'things happen cause there are reasons to it. so i told myself. are they?'


Blogger Farmie said...

good health looker but look at ur emotions side n ur needs too!!!

2:27 PM  
Blogger aria ayumi said...

adehh. pakcik kena makan pill utk tido? aisehh. diya ni takyah makan pill, dh terlebih tido. huhu

pakcik taking care okeh :)

10:28 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

apa kate sy kasik sikit kolestrol sy kt pokcik..kolestrol sy dh terlebih ni...pokcik jaga diri bebaik..xleh tidur,sebut nama saya...nnti mesti tertido...hiksss...

8:46 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

farmie. thanks :D

fiya. pak cik idak ler makan sesuka ati. baru makan sebijik ari tu. ada stok lagi 4 bijik.

juera. koleterol berlebih2 ekk.. jom jogging jom. jom ..:p *nak sebut nama juera tapi tader gambo. tak siok aaaa*

10:31 AM  

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