Wednesday, November 07, 2007

rengkasan ...

this moring i went to the construction site for our new office building. we are selling the other land adjacent to it. an interested buyer wanna take a look at the land. alang2 pak cik tgk skalik construction site tu. talking to the site supervisor as well as our rep. there.

back to the office then i am started not feeling well, again. shoot ... the flu refused to go away. it's been weeks now. obat pun dah abis. malas nak gi amik obat. just amik vitamin supplement jek. was planning to buy meats at Giant, leh la pak cik masak sup daging malam nanti.

in the office received a nasty email from the boss. abis mood pak cik .... ampes jek.

lunch time pak cik rushed home. amik obat .. lebehkurang mcm pain killer. lps makan kat umah (tapau lauk dari kedai) sambil borak2 ngan anak2 pak cik, pak cik rushed back to office.

owh ya .. on the way home tadi got a call from ayah pak cik, he was discharged today. he was about to go home when he called. alhamdulillah ... hopefully his abnormal bp (bllod pressure) is being correctly ratify by the doctor.

then was busy at office. banyak gak la keje settle ari ni.

went home around 6.30 pm.

shoot .. terforgot that i need to go to Giant to buy groceries ..

owh .. my new handphone failed me again today .. this time i am thru with it. got to find a new one. any donor?


Blogger zura lias said...

baru je ingt nk suh pokcik dermaakan saya 1 enset baru..hikss..

9:45 AM  

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