Monday, February 18, 2008

Amazing Indeed!

i've been wanting to write about this for along time. only now i just remembered about it and allow me to put it here before this old man forget about it again.

did you watch the amazing raze asia version? i did but am actually not a vivid follower. well you know how this axn on astro keep re-run its show over and over till you got to watch all the missed series and stories. that is how i got watch them anyway!

managed to watch the screening of the participants. and the couple from hong kong is the most 'talk cock' teams by saying they would win in the most horrible words and gesture that they could possibly used. good heaven they are the first participant who was eliminated.

and there were a few couples who really horrible. the race is about a good relationsip and cooperation between the members in the team as well as to other team and they should race in a good manner and good spirit they could possibly done. and these few couples only found out that can't work together as a team only in this race and not before? and how about the mommy team from malaysia? using a crude and cruel trick? put a shame on us.

i enjoy watching the bros from philipine. they are really fun to watch. and the team from singapore who eventually won the race, they are very humble. and the malaysian sisters team ... they are loveable to watch. only towards the end of the show then i realized ... the brunette sister is actually very the very beautiful! :D

i guess the show is actually a good reflection of how we should run our life and relationship. we really can't live this life alone without having to interact with other people especially those that closed to us like family, friends, colleagues and all. how we want to play the card? graciously and amazingly? listen to your heart ....


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