Friday, August 08, 2008

the truth is ... 1.

i am sexciting for anwar to be formally charged in court yesterday. then we could see, hear, listen & witness what is the case is all about. what is the story. then i bet we are going to have silly moments, silly facts, silly story. let the soap beginsssssssss!

cakap luar mahkamah senang lah kan. now dalam mahkamah kene sextra careful. and then all the buzz will be limited. those people can't say much already about the case including ministers since it is a court matters now.

first casualty would be the government. already they are struggling to answer why only anwar being charged in court and whay shaiful is not since from the charges it seems that the unnatural intercourse is based on 'suka sama suka'. both should then responsible for their acts. and the answer given by the minister ... standed aaaaaa sexcuses sexcuses.

pernah terjadi dahulu kala apabila seorang perempuan datang bertemu rasulullah saw mengaku berzina dan kandungan nya sebagai bukti, beliau telah di hukum sewajarnya. sedangkan pihak seorang lagi tidak di hukum kerana kesalahan nya mesti di buktikan terlebih dahulu. itu kalau berlandaskan islam lah kan. kalau berlandaskan 'is-selam' tak dapek pak cik nak koba an.

that is the problem with the truth. no matter what u say and do, truth will stand on its own. it can't be bend down or anything, over the time the truth shall prevail.

whether anwar or shaiful telling the truth or both are lying, one day it will come clear. and this court process is a small step of many for the truth to come out and shine.


Blogger Jie said...

sy tgok arr...syed hamid tergagap² nk cover ayat sebab sebelah dia mat salleh...

suka sama suka..hehehehehe
kes mcm ni riuh segala bagai mak nenek...ada lagi kes lagi penting bertahun2 kat mahkamah tak pula selesai .

11:47 AM  

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