Friday, August 08, 2008

the truth is ... 2.

one the issue being publicised is the bar council move to hold a forum on the issue of 'memeluk islam'. almost everyone, every public figure insists that the forum should not be carried out. the bar council must stop it.

and i cannot help but notice certain people is playing up the issue by sentiment and emotional perspective. why can't they speak and argue in educated and professional manner?

i honestly dunno what bar council trying to achieve by holding that forum. but i also noticed there are many issues cropped up in the past and present about converted moslem, about civil law and syariah law boundary and everything else. simply put there are many confusion. and i believe it made worst by inadequate laws.

sad am i to not see any professional syariah solicitors stand up and soundly talked about this. where is our champion. do we have one? who else do we hope to stand up and defend our rights?

one thing for sure, we are even don't have adequate competent peoples in syariah law for business matters. which made me ponder where our syariah graduate gone to?


Blogger Jie said...

kita orang awam ni lagi....kompius sana sini.

11:49 AM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

ntah manaaaa pegi nyer, thats why i plan to take my second degree in syariah law, bleh ke pakcik? blehhh keee?????

10:00 PM  

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