Sunday, June 28, 2009


i love to watch motogp. tho i wasn't good on bike.

unlike F1 that i only knew about it in 1998, i've known mtotogp eversince i was 15 years old. local track that hold motogp race back then mostly at batu tiga track and few times at pasir gudang, johor.

i've been supporting a lot of riders but without doubt valentino rossi is the greatest of them all. can't help to notice him even when he race for 125cc. thanks a lot to his outrageous afro hair back then. and he got a lot of jovial antics.

and for a first time i would like to compliment petronas for jumping into a wagon. petronas has enjoyed a very vast exposure to international crowd with its sponsorship for valentino rossi and his teammate. whoever the guy that make it happened earn a pat on his back.

at least it make us pride after a long absent of our own team from motogp.


Blogger Lily.Lulu said...

nape pakcik tak masuk race sekali
kalau x mesti femes

5:00 PM  

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