Friday, May 23, 2008

may i know y?

some of the fellow bloggers have deleted/abandoned/hide their blogsite. i know its their site. they can do watever they wanna do. but leaving without saying goodbye is not a friend's customary. so i guess i am not their frens.

needed to revise the blogger links, again ...

understood that it is part of parcel for having a frens or having a contacts with other peoples or virtual links. and it is hard sometimes when you easily feel attached even tho you have told yourselve that this links will come and go as they like, and at the end, some of them just disappear.

well, even tho i have vowed not to abandon this blog ever, perhaps a day will come when i feel like the world have failed me, or i have failed the world, mebbe it is the time i will just disappear ...


'love is nothing without faith' someone told me. then she left, looks like she didn't have faith in me. :D


Blogger Inah said...

sedey je bunyik nye..inah minta maaf kalo penah wat silap :(

11:29 AM  
Blogger nuRin said...


i'm really sori...sori...ampun.

I am so sad, I cant stop the tears. Lepas balik Miri saya tak update apa pun. everything seems putting me down, so seriously..

everything seems to be going wrong wrong wrong..Frankly, I realize that most people simply don’t care about me.

saya dah buka balik blog tu..tak de apa² pun... zero!

maafkan saya p'cik.

10:09 PM  
Blogger YatT'S said...

ermmmm adakah den temasuk dlm katagori inii??????

pakcik banjo cheese cake baru den hapdet muahahahhahha

glory glory man united!!!!!!!!!!!

9:31 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

inah. :p

nurin. :p

dak ramping oiii!!! ekau yg utang mo den ciskek! :p

6:00 PM  

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