Thursday, September 04, 2008

and your question is? ....

some quarter who are against DSAI or not sure whether to rally behind him or not quoting this "what have he contributed to the country while he is in power?" "what has he done?".

be careful. it is not really a question but is a statement!

i don't want to sexplore on DSAI's contribution. those who alive and kicking during DSAI time in office and now asking that question or making that statement, to me should be totally ignored. there is no point talking to the deaf and making the sign language to the blind. just a total waste of time and energy.

instead how about post a question of things DSAI have not done?

whether anyone favour the guy or not, they should really understand this. for a start, i agreed on his proposal to turn to IMF and world bank during 1997 economic crisis. selling out the country to american by doing so? think again before you even dare to sing the fools' song.


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