Monday, February 16, 2009

Where I Stood.

Here I stood
all alone
in this
darkened room

No where to turn
No where to go
losing myself
inside my own

Then out of the darkness
you saw my fragile body
on this floor

You picked me up
from out of
the shadows
and gave me
a love
that I have
never known

Where I stood
is now
where you
healed me

- where i stood. image and words by plasticastle of

- we always wait for something or someone or so called the right time to bounce from failure or despair. deep in our heart or far back of our mind, subsconciously we know it is up to us. no one and nothing can move us up but our own efforts. and offcourse a will, a strong will to overcome the enemy; our ownself.


Blogger orkEd said...

while my dreams fall down...
i cant seem to feel myself

7:46 PM  

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