Monday, December 15, 2008

passing note.

i have read less of a. kadir jasin blog since i am incline not to agree with some if not a lot of his views and stands. he seems to be pro-mahathir. probably that's the reason.

but to neglect them is a waste. to read and learn what others think as well as their arguments sometimes worth the time.

for sexample i took a pleasure in reading a. kadir jasin latest two posting. the later (hindraf thingy) is the most entertaining.

there seems to be a lot of documentary on the japanese cruelty during world war 2. i watch one last nite. but i cannot help but wonder why there is little documentary on the westerns' cruelty while they act as a conqueror?

thru that documentary i noted the following :-

a) the english empire ended when they surrender to japanase in 1942. when the japs surrender, why did the english cameback and occupied our country which is then called tanah melayu?

b) it took us 12 years to gain independence since 1945 (the year the japs surrender)? it was a long struggle and yet very little was written on our quest and struggle for independency. especially by those who the english and later the goverment called 'haluan kiri'.

c) there are a lot of history events that the english is keeping mum. wat bodo je. simply said .. they will ignore those things that put them to shame. which lead me to wonder what will be their feedback to indian and chinese that went a long way to stage a complain to them ...


Blogger anaiis said...

wow pakcik, you are truly politically conscious. Care to run for presidency next year :p

3:17 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

yup. am running for for mr president of persatuan mangsa curi capal dan sepatu di surau dan masjid! :D

5:30 PM  

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