Monday, July 13, 2009

ouch ..

i've read with amusing the various reply by Mingguan Malaysia readers on the writing by one of the gossip communist eh .. columnist on michael jackson.

apparently in the previous sunday edition she belittle the late mj. definitely she gained uproar from mj's fans. but what amused me is she didn't apologize for what she have written. furthermore she reiterated that without sepecial effect and his antics, MJ is nothing.

this is a fine sexample when u know a person's writing is rubbish. even she or he is rubbish.

i am not a fan of mj. but i won't call he is nothing. sexplain that to the thousands of malaysian who bought tickets and watched MJ show at stadium merdeka.

if mj is nothing then why she even bother to write about him. and the utmost thing is when u wrote something for the public to read, u must have a little respect to the readers despite whatever freedom of speech's religion that u r holding. without the respect, u r nothing.

i would be surprise if chief editor of mingguan malaysia wish to retain that communist ehh .. columnist.


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