Sunday, December 16, 2007

on my own at last ..

today was a very the very tiring day. i didn't sleep at all last nite. and i was doing something that exhausted my energy. as a result i cudn't sleep well in the morning. probably only managed to sleep for less than an hour. then my wife smsed that the baby is allowed to be discharged today. then i have to pack few things especially the baby and her clothes that i washed the other day. tidy up the house a bit. by mid noon i get my butt to the hospital.

parked my car at the hospital vicinity. then i have to buy baby diapers and maternity bra. last nite i cudn't find them. and the diapers for our second last son that i bought yesterday left at home. so i got to buy a new one. once done i drag my feet to the McD. "fillet o fish set with the drink switched to coffee" my typical order. been days i have these meals. as usual i ordered the medium or regular set. but perhaps i was a bit macho and frenly today, the girl gave me large coffee :D.

and the hospital bills was way beyond my expectation. almost RM2,000! then i have to stop at the atm. medical bills for a whole family this year alone probably now wayyyyyyy high .. more than RM7 or RM8 grand kut ...

once i have my meals and settled the bills .. off we go for balik kampung. i managed to drive constantly at 80 to 100 km. my wife didn't wear the seatbelt and having the baby on her laps. so i have to be super careful ...

reach at my mom in law around 3 something. all my kids were fast asleep. but my wife and my mom in law woke them up. managed to mingle with my kids before i lay my back on the floor trying to get some sleep that seems a bit difficult. too tired i guess. somehow managed to do just that.

woke up around 7 pm. after having meals and took my kids to the groceries store, then i drove back to shah alam. here i am at the office sticking my butt trying to do some stuff. it gonna be a hell of busy day tomorrow. few meetings as well as a quick run to the bank.

hopefully i can deliver much of the things tomorrow ...


"time changes everything? not entirely true. something that being done change them."


Blogger Lily.Lulu. said...

congrats pakcik !! dapat baby lagi ..

alhamdulillah .. rezeki ...

semoga semuanya selamat untuk pakcik n family


12:11 AM  
Blogger Hanna J. Potter said...

oh i want a baby of my own, too!!

2:48 AM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

pakcik despite being the 'superman', i think its all for a good cause eh? the energy u must have!

1:21 AM  

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