Monday, December 17, 2007


actually i got a lot of things to story. a lot. about lies, betrayal, sacrifies, torn love, happy life, sorrow, philosophy, kids, family, people, a chat with God, bla bla bla ...
but here i just wanna remember a cat that once we a family have back then, 10 years ago i think. thanks to azra blog entry that trigger the memory.
our cat, male one (same with azra i think :D) looks exactly like hers as well. and we call him 'puteh'. he got all the attention from my family members especially my sisters and my mom. probably becoz he wasn't that wild but very tamed and 'soft'. but that doesn't stop him from adventuring outside and flirt with other female cat. and one thing that troubled us is when other female cat came to our house and making noise at the door step. and puteh also making noise cause he wanna get out meeting with his date. mind you ... it was at wee hour. and another setback for him is that he is not as stronger as other local and street cat. thus he was always at the receiving end. cut, hurt and blooded when he came home. so many times we have to take him to the vet.
as u know, when cats about to die, they will make a disappearance act. same with puteh. days after he was gone, my sisters still shed their tears. he was the last cat that we ever kept dearly.


"it is a blessed to have something special. but even harder to let it go"


Blogger A Z R A said...

owh pakcik, i dunno what i'll do if i ever loose Kaka, i think i'd probably go for compassionate leave for few weeks him so much!

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