Monday, February 18, 2008

It is just me. Who i am.

to those people that hurt me, i have never ever pray for anything bad for them. in fact i wish them well. even when i was consumed with anger, madness and hate, the first thing that i told myself is let bygone be bygone. there is no need to vent and to be vengeful. it simply will bring no good. thus the best solution is simply walk away.

there is also no need to be judgemental. shit happened for whatever reason is. who's fault it is doesn't really matter. afterall we will never know why on earth it happened. even if we got to know it, most of the time only a glimpse of it, will it satisfy our greedy inquisitive mind? thus what's left and needed to be done is to learn from it. be wiser.

forgiveness is all i have for them. even if they never ask for it.

deep down inside i know i am no angel myself. there were just too many mistakes and sins done by me. even a smell of heaven i will be simply forbidden.

and it boiling down to this, only this : in life thereafter, in the face of fire of hell, all i hope for is His forgiveness and compassion. thus i will have to be one at the first place in order to earn one. at least that is what i thought.


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