Friday, May 30, 2008

Aku Chenta Sama Kamu!

some of you may notice that i am being critical about our government, politicians, oppositions & etc etc.
looking back, i honestly believe that i am doing so for the love of my country. no favouritisme anywhere towards anyone eventho i am pubclicly could say i am supporting PAS. :D well ... i have my own oipinion. not everything people in the PAS said i will back-up 100% :p
the newspaper clipping is said from our neighbour which is quite critical on our political scenario. but to me the tone it was written is very bad, and just who the heck they are wanna touch about our country's matters. must i say that most of the things mentioned are also happening in their country. and even worst.
we might wanna say a thing or two about our domestic issue. but we never tolerate any outsiders to condem our country. it is still our country! we deal ours on our own.
back to domestic issue. here are things i am having a problem to swallow :
1. why they wanna restrict foreigner from filling-up fuel in our petrol pump? all is about fuel subsidy. how many percentage and value of these foreigners could whack? is it worth it to waste the energy of all the ministry peoples and the petrol pumps industry just to cater about it? no other productive measures to introduce?
2. jpj is doing operations on heavily tinted vehicles. this matter has plagued our nations for far too long. whereas it is just a small thing. very small thing indeed. what the harm of tinted vehicles could do to our nations? prohibiting it only make things complicated. some people say; y don't the consumer pay a lil bit sexpensive tinted films and get the cool effect rather than spending on heavily tinted films. hello! not everyone have money you know. why don't just jpj legalise it and introduce some fees for it to be paid out wuth road tax? additional revenue to the government! many people broke the law either they realised or not. most of the tinted films says their products were approved by jpj. yet jpj said they never approve any. basically the consumer do the tinted on their risk.
3. ezam masuk umno. accidentally i watched it on the local tv news, the prime time. my question is, is this issue must be slotted in during prime time? is it for political purposes or for doing the good for our country? have we ran out any issues that would rather give impact on our good coprorate and public governance? give positive impact to economic? sexcellence review on our education? aiyaaaa ... this guy has been kuar masuk sana sini. what credibility u wanna give him?
4. read the news that european leaders are struggling to face the anguish of their peoples due to the price hike in fuel? even they face the problem. dare our leaders to underestimate this issue again? i wonder who is our economist and fiscal sexperts that advise our ministers in this issue as well on other fiscal and moneytary policy. honestly, i have not seen nor heard anything funtastic lately. where have they gone? errr ... sufiah is not one of them ok?
enuff for now. kang kene list itam lak blog pak cik ni ....
aku chenta negara ini. masih aku hengat kecik2 dulu ada subsidi makanan kat sekolah. subsidi susu. projek menabung dengan beli stem oleh BSN. 15 sen dulukala mcm2 boleh beli. enak2 dan berkualiti lak tu.
sekarang apa ada? makanan kat kantin sekolah pun ntah ada khasiat ntah tidak. tak kene food poisoning pun dah kira baik. is that the standard that we accept and we want? for our kids?
- pak cik outstasi ujung minggu ni. moga pak cik samat pergi dan kembali. have a fabulous and productive weekend everybody. and be safe!


Blogger Hanna J. Potter said...

hoho. nani juga cinta pd negara ini. nani nk jd warga best selalu!

3:58 PM  
Blogger Jie said...

sy baru blk cuti2 ni pakci...issshhh...isu berat mcm ni..sok2lah kita bincang erk

epi oliday pakcik!

12:49 PM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

aku cinta negara ini journey yeah!

2:27 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

nani. Warga yg best u will be. Kujie. Welkambek, anak branak manaaaa la bercamping tepi hiway tu :p azra bebeh. Thanks 4 the wish n u take care as well ya!

5:06 PM  
Blogger nuRin said...

malaysia is my country too, ok...
i love HER no matter how SHE looks like

9:58 AM  
Blogger zura lias said...

sy suke malaysia..kami anak malaysia..*slalu sy dgr iklan nie kt tv*..:D

8:55 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

nurin. how is the country looks like to u? like era fazira? britney spears? anita sarawak? :p

juera. dengar iklan d tv? atau lihat iklan itu d radio? :p

12:10 PM  
Blogger Inah said...

i loved this country but yet i'm leaving soon :(

8:20 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

inah. pls do leave and make sure u only bring your value added butt home. :p

9:04 AM  

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