Friday, June 06, 2008

Bukalah Pintu Hati. Bukalah Mata.

apa yg pak cik khuatirkan akhirnya berlaku. parti kerajaan tidak mengambil iktibar dari kekalahan mereke di pru-12! kenapa dan mengapa, hanya mereka sendiri yang tahu.

the bottom line why the pubic votes shifted to opposition in large numbers is because the government can't generate and stimulate the nation's economy. the chinese, the indian, the malay and others are feeling the pinch.

that's all it is. if everyone live comfortably then they don't wanna change anything. even if the communist party that rule the country!

and how the STEEP increase in fuel price will generate and stimulate our economy? could somebody enlighten me, please.

i guess where in for a tough ride from now on.

anybody who is trying to justify the fuel increase be my guest. 99.9% chances is, you will look stupid. very stupid indeed.

next time you wanna show other country's fuel price pls show the oil producer country only with the statistic of their GDP next to it!

how difficult it is to run the country? how difficult it is to plan the urban development? somebody else say or ask ... how easy it is?

how long have we taste our 'merdeka', freedom to rule and administer our own country? and what is the age of new york city? london? tokyo? frankfurt? rome?

one basic way is to learn from others. learn from history. (sexcellent notes : if you're too lazy to read history book, just watch the discovery channel, history channel and etc etc thru our ever interrupted astro)

if other country can subsidise the medical care and education for free for their pubic, why can't we? if a country having problem with their education and medical care, why can't we learn the lesson? should we run into the same mistake?

to learn where are we compared to our neighbour country is another way by looking where do we stand in sport achievement. we used to beat south korea in football but now we are miles and miles away behind. hockey is also the same. badminton? when was the last time we won thomas cup and gold in olympic? overall achievement? other sports event?

on another note, a developed country will reach a maturity and same level of high achievement in literature, culture and entertainment as well to the sextent that they able to sexport it as a product to other countries. ever wonder why we are watching japanese and korean cartoon and shows on our tv screen?

and we are even struggle with our mother tongue langguage in our own country .... sad but true.

guys ... either u r blind or u r sleeping on your job!


Blogger diya said...

pakcikkkk, tulun diya... sakittt tekakkk... huhu. *sowii takde kaitan ngan entri laks* :p

1:28 PM  
Blogger Lily.Lulu. said...

pakcik betol2 naik hangin nih ...
nak buat mcm mn lg pakcik ..
minyak dah naik ...
kalo gaji naik xpe jugak kan

7:12 PM  
Blogger Inah said...

i cant agree more with ur thoughts :)..apepun..saya masih anak Malaysia kan kan kan :)

12:28 AM  
Blogger Inah said...

lupe..nak teddy yang merenung nasib tu..lalalalaa

12:29 AM  
Blogger yOnnA said...

betul naik minyak pokcik sorang ni :)
sabar pakcik.
we'll see pru 13!
what happen to malaysia ahaha~
mungkin kah 5 tahun lagi minyak dah jadik rm5 seliter??
ouh,baik mati saja semua org :p

3:08 PM  
Blogger arsaili said...

salam ...just get ourselves prepare...kena pasang strategi nampaknya dalam menangani ekonomi rumahtangga...

9:18 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

pokcik dh naik minyak..jgn jd org minyak ek pokcik..kang kene serbu org nk minyak..hikss..

8:40 AM  
Blogger MZ said...

diya. dah sembuh blom? pak cik senantiasa berdoa utk kesejahteraan diya ...

lily. sesekali naik hangin tak per kan? asik buwang hangin je tak leh la gak ;)) hik hik hik

inah. sepemergian mu nanti ... hengat lah akan tanahayer ibunda ini ya ...

inah. tedi tu pesan ... pelok dulu akan tuan tanah blog ini :p

yonna. 5 tawon lamaaaaaaa la lgi tu :p silap2 dah mati dulu sebab asik terkezut sumer harga barang2 naik mendada membabi buta :o <--- masih terkezut nih

arsaili. salam. strategi dah d pasang. cuma blom berjalan lagik :)) ekekeke

juera. kalo pak cik jd org minyak ... juera lah pak cik carik dulu. nak pangkah kat dahi juera itu sambil cakap *ini pipit pak cik yang punya. bukak ahmad albab yg punya* :p

3:31 PM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

whatever will be, will be ... ... ... not that we are certain of the future, but hey, looks quiet cloudy now....

errr pakcik, btw, can you edit the 'pubic' to public, very the kelakaaarrrr laaaaaa muarrrgahahahahahahahahah!!!

2:04 AM  

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