Monday, June 09, 2008

The good things may come, eventually.

the inevitable lastly happened and in most awesome fashion. bmw sauber petronas finally won at 7th round of F1 in montreal gp and registered a fabulous 1 & 2 finishes. reaping the highest pints available thus moved kubica into the driver championship leader and the team into second position within three points of the ferrari, the leader. this was achieved after a series of second positions in previous races.

the team has basically achieved their target by winning gp this season. their target next season will be winning the championship. hopefully they will continue to perform well this season. there is no reason actually they can't chase the championship this season instead of next season. i guess ferrari and mc laren will be wary of them from now on.

in motogp, rossi snatched the second spot on the podium at catalunya gp thus maintaining his championship leader. the winner, pedrosa ride sexcellently at his home circuit. it was an sexhilarating races for 500 and 250 cc gp.

and the euro circus has kicked off. tonite there will be 2 most anticipating games (1) italy vs holland (2) and france vs romania (if i'm not mistaken). mostlikely i will be deprived from sleep same as last nite. :D

i might enjoy watching f1 and support bmw sauber petronas. but here i have one stupid question :

why in petronas' avertisement on tv they use bmw cars? why not using proton cars? there are millions of proton owners in this country compared to few thousands of bmw. who is their target market? is it simply because wanna be looked as prestigiuos? or are they less patriotic? or are they totally madly in love with bmw?

as i said it is a stupid question. but i have more stupid questions actually. like how long petronas is planning to continue sponsor the f1 team? could they quantify the benefits? are the benefits match or more than the amount already and will be invested?

why it is a stupid question? cause there will be no answer for it. as p. ramlee say it out loud in his film, either it is 'diktaktor' or 'demokrasi terpimpin', no accountability. ISA je sumer "ikut suka aku".

* jgn pak cik kene ISA pasni udah ler ;)) hik hik hik


Blogger diya said...

uhu. tu lah kan. asek guna bmw jerk, proton takdek plak. [siyes tak penah terpikir psl neh, ahaks] :p

p/s-pakcik, diya nk upgrade WP, sbb nk letak msjbox. tapi... huhu.....

3:03 PM  
Blogger Hanna J. Potter said...

bagaimana mereka mau terus mensponsor F1? ish ish ish, mesti difikirkan ni!

3:10 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

F1?haaaa....duit petronas abih kt sinie le ek..nie baru kate rakyat berkorban untuk mencipta nama..:D

3:48 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

diya. apa kah masalah nya tu. tapi kan ... wp ni pak cik memang blur :p

nani. pk! jangan tak pk! :D

juera. ntah baper bajet dia abih kat situ ... enjin yang dia wat secara usahasama dgn sauber pun ntah apa khabar berita nya. mungkin akan ada org mengatakan teknologi transfer atau study ... tapi mana hasil nya? berbuahkah? kalo tak ... kene lihatlah cara yang lain ... mungkin dgn bajet itu kita bleh beli kilang membuat enjin!

4:27 PM  
Blogger diya said...

wp yg tak berbayar, die tak guna coding mcm blogspot, pakcik. die guna widgets aje. [ huhu. diya memula mmg pening gak ah. lama2 baru biasa. ] klw yg berbayar tu baru kite bleh edit coding2 die, baru bleh amek layout yg cantek2. aisehhh.

7:03 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

alahai diya. tak dpt pak cik nak nolong ehhh ;)) huhuhuhu

10:35 AM  

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