Monday, June 23, 2008

Hapdet Hanget.

it wasn't a fabulous weekend tho it was ok. started with the lost of Holland against Russia in Euro 2008. i am all for Holland because they play a beautiful game full with sportmanship. no diving around. but the rules said ... the best team on the field shall win. and they were not at their best. as simple as that. the russia with its playmaker yg nama pun dah mcm 'assassin' simply outplayed Holland. if they keep up that performance most likely they will steal the euro cup!

i was sleepy when i managed to stayed awake for turkey game. the games itself was sexcited enough to make my eyes wide open. i thot croatia will have easy game but they were surprised. and they were really shocked till they can't convert the penalties thus lost the game.

i was glad portugal lost. i wasn't glad when spain won. enuff said.

ferrari won the French GP. kubica only managed to finish 5th place while his teammate worst at 13th.

valentino rossi was hapless to chellenge stoner at British MotoGp. but no 2 on podium ensure he minimise the damage on the championship points.

congratulation to malaysia pair of winning the Indonesia' badminton superseries. hopefully they will able to mount a good challenge for olympic medal.

another game i was waiting but was not live telecast is Rugby Junior Worldcup the match between AllBlack and the Roses. hopefully it will be screened tonite. this is a classic match between the beautiful game and the not so beautiful game. i hate english style of game. but like it or not it is effective enuff to win the match. and am glad AllBlack do changed their tactics to win points by penalty and dropgoal. :D

not so fruitful ehh?

bila hati diruntun sepi
suara siapakah yang kedengaran
dialun angin malam
nama siapakah
yang meniti di bibir
wajah siapakah
terlukis di dada bulan.

bila hati diruntun sepi
airmata dan senyuman
silih berganti menghiasi wajah.


Blogger diya said...

pakcik, tetibe diya teringat pilem sepi. diya tgk the making of cite tu. tingin lak nk tgk cite die. huhu. [mcm biasa, komen takdek kaitan. ngehhh] :p

3:02 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

pilem sepi? mmg mcm besh jek. takut bila tgk tak besh lak;)) diya pi la tgk dulu ya pas tu sila lah wat reviu :D

3:16 PM  
Blogger Maximum Potterphreaque said...

i could never..stay up for a football bro thinks im horrid cuz i can stay up for movies i really like but i fell into Mimpiland when its football..heheh!

4:35 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

nani. i am not into footbal much really but i am most of the time find it hard to go to slumberland or dreamland anyway :D

4:47 PM  
Blogger zura lias said...

suke...badminton kite menang..ade le nampak harapan dah..erkk..nama sykah yg terlukis di bulan?hikss..*gelak gatal*

8:23 AM  
OpenID kujie said...

testing testing

6:04 PM  
Blogger MZ said...

juera. nama pipit yg terlihat di bulan :p

kujie: testing alip ba ta? berjaya? ;)) huhuhuhu

9:16 AM  

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