Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sexcellento!

when watching olympic channel i wud try to watch our athletes performing there. first amirul in weightlifting. he lost but at least he did best his past performance. tho we should realize how far his level is off with the eventual winner! plus he is old in comparison and might not appear in next olympic.
then came this tiny guy competing against the bigger muscled caucasian. he gave them a good competition. but whoever watching the cycling track event would agree that britons are super mighty and too bad in quarterfinal of sprint event he competed with the eventual winner and in keirin he lost his rythm after the re-start due to other cyclists fall. a good note that he is young and have the opportunity to feature in next olympic. will he be there? depends on him and our nation's sport programme. please be noted that the britons performed superbly thanks to tony blair's approved programme that targeting this olympic. our athletes are not usain bolt who has the natural ability and talent to take on the world! we need a carefully planned and longer programme that can support our athletes to sexcel. but our sports officials are busy wrestling with each others. perhaps our sport minister should pay attention. or even pak lah.
i am proud of lee chong wei and misbun. tho outrightly chong wei should be in the final and he did. for heavens sake he is world no 2! based on his performance in olympic sexcept in semi i thot he should have won the gold. but cracked under pressure he crumbled. and my olympic fiesta ended. i didn't sexpect much from other atheletes and they proved me right!
then came along this bolt. then the american tumbled in atheletic .... i guess the drug scandal really hit them bad this time around.

kesimpulan ... don't do drugs! usaha keras dengan gigih sampai berjaya. kalo jatuh kene bangun lagi dan lagi. akhir kata, selamat berkeras2an di hujung minggu ini. pastikan selamat! :D

saat mentari mengintai-intai di kaki langit
menarik tabir malam berlabuh
camar terbang pulang ke sarang
mimpikan yang indah malam ini
esok hari yang panjang bakal menjelang
waktu membina impian.*
* lain di dalam kepala, lain plak di hujung jari ...


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