Monday, July 20, 2009


looks like i've underestimated the brains of those people behind the transformers 2 movie, especially its producer.

the guy is really genius! first he got cooperation from the US army. he was given special rate for the army's equipments and save big time on prop. also got the real soldiers as 'pak pacak'. who will not be awed by the sight of US army's lates weapon and high tech equipments? i will.

and i was actually wondering why the first scene was made as if in china? today news answered that question. china is one of the biggest market outside US. and the collection there has so far beat the record set by 'the titanic'. brilliant idea isn't? the scene will pull the mass in china!

enuff with these two reasons. there more. but i'll not be getting movie ticket for it. tho am long to go and see it in the cinema again :)

i see no problem for the movie to beat the record set by 'the dark knight'. am i also incline to believe it will beat 'the titanic' record as the biggest movie ever.


Blogger Lily.Lulu said...

suka giler transformers !!

10:37 AM  
Blogger zura lias said...

sukerk skarang harry potter lakkkkk...:D

12:42 PM  

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