Monday, December 17, 2007


we always say that we scarifice for our love, for our loved ones. be it our lover, wife or husband, kids, relatives, closed frens etc etc. but is it the case?
the truth is we sacrifice for the good cause. because it is the rite things to do. because of the truth. not because of someone or somebody or certain group or even our own selve.
nabi ibrahim willing to scarifice his beloved son by following the God's order. is it because he love the God more? is it because he know he must abide the God's order and believe Him totally cause He is the almighty that fair, compassion and surely His order bear the good and benefits that most of the times we the mortal can't see.
and what is the good cause? what is the rite things to do? this is where we always fail over and over. most of the times we put our priority first beyond others. some put others' priority before hers/his. which one is really the right things?
some say we must look at the larger picture. put the test to the whole objective or the long run. short term benefits and goals shouldn't compromise the future or the longer and the whole objective of any issue/matter.
but anything that may put our soul at ease and peace without any guilt, most likely is the right choice. or is it?


"for the love of God ..."


Blogger aria ayumi said...

Tuhan tahu yg mana betul utk kite... yg mana baik utk kite... sbb tu kdg2 kita dapat ape yg kita tak suka... dan kita tak dapat ape yang kita suka...

2:05 PM  
Blogger A Z R A said...

pakcik, i fail big time in all these, most of the time i leave it to God, like i said, he has his own way in formulating our lives.....

1:24 AM  

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